PiMPin up the Cattery – AFL’s Rising Stars got da Pumped up PiMPs

PiMPin up the Cattery – AFL’s Rising Stars got da Pumped up PiMPs.

Let’s start this blog by unashamedly claiming that most of our PiMP designers and staff are surfers from the Quiksilver coast, air guitar gurus and Geelong Cats AFL freaks. So we have a kinda “greatest team of all” bias to the views of this article that are looked at through blue & white Ray Bans.

Anyway, we are putting the (shit)Torque into Torquay … but one thing that is a fact is that it’s footy season and our Cats are young Cats primed for another crack at the premiership. My evil Collingwood loving colleague (yeaaaa he’s no friend right now) is saying that i’m dreaming – in a voice that sounds just a little bit too much like “The Castle” for my liking. …but hey, you’re not a true fan nor a true champion if you’re not shooting for the sky and beyond. We’re in it to win it. Facts are my friend, we have three premierships in 7 years and that makes us (The Geelong Cats) the team of the decade. Not only that, we have more power of regeneration that a Turbo Transformer on Speed and a crop of young champions in the making, ready to make the step up to elite.

So, were all gonna have our eyes glued to Fox Footy and our asses planted in our PiMP VIPs for an AFL season thats gonna have it all. For the Cats … Will the Tomahawk monster the league defenders again and have a crack at the Coleman? will Stevie J bring his Harry Potter Magic tricks to torment mortals (and tribunuals)? Will Captain Courageous Joel Selwood boss everything and win a Charlie? and which one of the young guns … Motlop, Duncan, Christensen or Guthrie will evolve into a genuine star? And…. on a personal note … will i beat my asshole mates in Supercoach? (there’s $500 and ear-bashing rights on the line). Gonna be epic!

Whatever happens in 2014, i know that our Geelong champs have an unfair advantage. No … not in the “Essendon” way Dank you very much …. they have just got a few “performance enhancing bean bags” in their Cattery. PiMP that ASDA! Our Catmen will be resting, recovering, researching and loving on their new PiMP VIP’s while the rest of the AFL catch on. Poor souls….

Don’t believe us? Well check out Mitchy D and Stevie M (coming soon) raving about their PiMP beanbags amongst other #catPiMPs.




Geelong fans you can get a 20% discount with the coupon code “GoCats” at checkout. Ok … to be fair…. other disillusioned AFL fans … try “footyPiMPs” for the same discount 😉



oh… and just to add to the rivalry… the Fremantle Docker boys are getting in on the action too